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Anonymous asked:

Would rather been tied up in rope or straitjacket and why?

Depends on how long I’ll be tied.  I still love rope because of how strict you can make it and I LOVE having my elbows bound behind my back but if I’m going to be in it for hours, then a straitjacket :)

America Is Ranked 23rd in This Major Gender Gap Global Index. The Solution Is Ridiculously Simple.


Since 2006 the World Economic Forum has annually released the Global Gender Gap Index to provide a perspective on economic, political, educational and health-related gender disparities around the world. Since the United States is, after all, the land of the free, one would think that we’d rank highly. Yet the U.S. was ranked 23rd out of 136 countries in 2013, far behind five-year front-runner Iceland.

In fact, the U.S. scores were fairly lousy on several indices, including being ranked 40th for labor force participation, 67th for wage equality and having one of the highest rates of maternal mortality for a developed nation. Political empowerment scored no better, with America earning a big fat zero in the “years with female head of state” category. To put it plainly, if our nation was a basketball team, we’d be the Duke of this year’s March Madness.

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What do you smart girls think about this?

(Source: policymic)

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